Hardware Store

We have a fully stocked hardware store on Kireka-Namugongo road, and we have items ranging from paint, roofing materials, finishing materials, and many other materials. Visit us as soon as you can!

Planning Process

We help you plan your construction process to include a purchase plan, where you can deposit money with us, and we’ll supply you construction materials from the beginning to the end of your construction process.

We can also link you up with Civil Engineers who’ll help you plan and construct your house

Reporting and Cost Control

We can generate a report for you for all your bill of materials, if you’ve been purchasing from us. This is very helpful in valuing the cost of the building and also for managing your costs and providing insight into the cost of materials. It also enables transparency if it’s a joint construction project.

Commissioning and Project Closeout

At the end of the project, we provide you with high quality and classy finishings, to put the topping on the cake